District Grants are D5500 administered and Rotary Foundation funded grants for use by clubs within the district to fund small-scale, short-term projects that address needs in local and international communities.  Within D5500 district grants are specifically intended to promote humanitarian club projects that involve the active, personal participation of D5500 Rotarians.  D5500 district grants may be used to fund either local or international projects but must be directly related to the mission of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and approved by D5500. Please see the District Grant Policy for more information.
Final Reports for RY2020-2021 are requested by May 1, 2021 (email to Joe Puett at districtgrants@rotaryd5500.org). District Grant Final Report 2020-2021
Applications for RY2021-2022 are requested by July 15, 2021 (email to Joe Puett at districtgrants@rotaryd5500.org).   District Grant Application 2021-2022
You will also find a copy of each under DOWNLOAD at the top of the Homepage. 
Examples of some terrific District Grant Projects and their excellent Final Reports:
For additional assistance for District Grants contact the Chair, D5500 District Grants Subcommittee, Joe Puett at email districtgrants@rotaryd5500.org.
Further information regarding project eligibility is also available at the Rotary International website at www.rotary.org/grants.