Global Grants
Global Grants are partnerships between clubs in two countries. The minimum total project amount is $30,000. Clubs must be qualified in order to apply.
Clubs wanting to apply for global grants should contact Global Grants Chair Bob White (email: at the beginning of the process. D5500 clubs should also consult the following documents before opening a Global Grant Application:
It is important to remember that when you apply for a Global Grant, unlike a District Grant, you will be building your application online for the review and approval of a Rotary Foundation Regional Grants Officer (RGO). Therefore, it is important that you take the time necessary to pull everything together. What you do not want to do is to "lock" your draft application before you are confident that you have satisfactorily answered all of the application questions and attached all of the required supporting documentation.
Examples of some successful D5500 Global Grant Applications that were approved during the past Rotary Year are included here for your information