Ray Naylor

District 5500 Rotary Literacy

The Rotary Foundation has identified six areas of focus as part of the new “Future Vision” for Rotary.

One of the areas of focus is “Basic Education and Literacy”.

The Rotary Foundation promotes Education and Literacy for all by:

·               Ensuring that children have access to quality basic education

·               Reducing gender disparity in education

·               Increasing adult literacy

·               Strengthening the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy

           ·          Supporting studies related to basic education and literacy

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“Literacy, like Water, is an essential ingredient for human life”
Betty Stauffer a Literacy Leader in our community

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We as a District have areas where we are making a difference with our literacy projects and programs.
For example: Distribution of Dictionaries to third graders, Scholarships to graduating high school seniors,
donating both time and money to tutoring organization, the list goes on.

We need to celebrate these projects and start planning for the future and how we can make a difference in our communities and throughout the world.

One of our first activities will be the planning and organization of the delivering of Dictionaries to “EVERY” third grader in the Tucson community.
This is a major goal of the District.Suzanne Ashby will lead this effort for the district.

We will have a session at our district conference on Literacy. We will celebrate our successes,
learn about Literacy Organizations in our local communities and gain an understanding of global literacy issues.

I encourage you to contact me to tell me about your current literacy projects as well as suggestions and recommendation
for what you would like to see on a literacy initiative.

Ray Naylor