Referring to them as our organizational GPS, District Governor Joe Hentges shared his goals for the coming year with attendees at his Installation. 
There are 5 goals plus a “Governor’s Challenge Project.” Achieving these goals will fulfill RI President Ian Riseley’s theme:  Making a Difference.
  1. Empower, Support and Strengthen Clubs:

    1. Focus on service to clubs, not supervision.

    2. Ensure access to relevant information.

    3. Upgrade new-member orientation.

    4. Share best practices on member engagement.

    5. Develop a system of district awards and recognition.

  2. Develop Club and District Leaders:

    1. Increase opportunities for young Rotarians to serve at the District level.

    2. Implement online leadership training as a supplement to traditional methods.

    3. Expand the highly successful Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI).

    4. Increase self-selected course options for Club Leadership Assemblies.

  3. Support Youth Serving Communities:

    1. Provide support to clubs sponsoring or chartering Interact or Rotaract Clubs.

    2. Develop and implement leadership training for Interact and Rotaract Club leaders.

    3. Develop a District Interact Council.

    4. Increase the number of Youth Exchange outbound and inbound students for 2018-19.

  4. Support for The Rotary Foundation:

    1. Annual Fund:  $200 /capita average.

    2. EREY = All Rotarians +$100/capita.

    3. Polio Plus: $79,000 District-wide plus $10 million in the Ride to End Polio.

    4. Endowment Fund:  $60,000 District-wide.

    5. Paul Harris Society:  10% of each club.

    6. Rotary Direct:  10% of each club.

    7. District Governor’s Challenge Project (refer to separate article).

  5. Promoting a Greater Awareness of Rotary:

    1. Develop a long range PR strategy.

    2. Implement a technology training program focusing on the needs of clubs.

    3. Help club PR efforts.

    4. Talk about our successes to our communities.

    5. Update the RI logo/master brand across the District.