2017 Membership seminar august 26

This year’s District 5500 Membership Seminar provides an exciting new experience.  You will be treated to presentations from two local Rotarians who will provide excellent ideas on how to recruit and retain new and current members.  Also, this year, you will be part of the experience as three panels will bring practical ideas for your consideration and provide the opportunity for your active participation.  Yes, they will be interactive.  When you register, please jot down questions, comments, experiences pertaining to the topics to be discussed by the panels:  Recruiting Young Professionals, Orientation of New Members and Retention.  Bring them with you and join in the conversation.  This is a different format than has been used in the past.  It is hoped that this format will provide you the opportunity to hear some success stories, to actively participate in the discussions and to take with you some solid, practical ideas to grow membership and retain members because, after all, it is ALL ABOUT MEMBERSHIP
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