Engagement in Programs: District 5500 made available to clubs $53,851 to match club funds raised for District Grants.  A total of 16 clubs requested and received funds and completed projects.  Wonderful work everyone!
Two applications for Global Grants sponsored by district clubs were approved in 2016-17.  The Rotary Club of Tucson sponsored a grant to promote peace among tribes in Kenya by working with children.  And the Valle Verde Green Valley club sponsored a grant to Empower Women in Rural Uganda.  Our district and clubs supported a number of other Global Grants sponsored by clubs in other districts.
We allocated $25,000 of District Designated Funds to the Rotary Peace Fellow program so D5500 could continue to be a “Peace Builder” district.
In November, 2016, we had a district seminar that focused on Global Grants, so that our clubs could become better informed about them and increase participation.  That is now happening.
In sum, in 2016-17 we supported the Foundation very well and our club participation in grant programs increased.  In 2017-18 we will do even better.