Message from Governor Ellie
August is Membership and New Club Development Month - a time when clubs can review and revise membership goals to fit their needs and take the steps necessary to make membership growth a top priority.  New members not only bring new energy and ideas, they also provide relief to existing members by providing more hands to serve on committees, work on projects and help in fundraising activities. 
It is equally important to retain current members. How? Make sure that all your meetings and projects are fun! Make each club meeting a memorable experience and increase the number of social events.
Don’t hesitate to contact our District Membership Chair, Joyce Finkelstein of the Green Valley Rotary Club, who is available to help with any and all membership needs. When asked about membership, Joyce says, “Growing membership has got to be a priority for District 5500. The more we grow the more we can achieve. If each club adds 1 or 2 members, we can meet our District membership goal of 1500. Wouldn’t that be great? We can do this!”
Finally, thanks to all of those club members, District-wide, who attended our outstanding District Membership Seminar led by Public Image Coordinator, Vicki Puliz. It was exciting and energizing as 90 Rotarians in the room exchanged innovative ideas and learned how to expand their clubs’ reach.
Visit information and applications.                                                                                        
  1. Reserve spaces for Delegates Now.Spaces are reserved upon receipt of your Club’s check. Cost for Delegates is $400 each.From July 1-August 31 you may reserve up to 5 spaces;beginning September 1st clubs may reserve up to 7 additional spaces. Last year all delegates on the waiting list were able to attend. Make checks out to: District 5500 RYLA; mail to San Luis Rotary, Attn. Marcos Ramirez, PO Box 13926, San Luis, AZ 85349.
  2. Applications and checks for Junior Counselors and Adult Advisors can be sent any time before November 1st; no limit on how many per club. They are critical to the success of RYLA!
    Candidates will be interviewed in November by the Admin Team. Cost is $400 for Jr Counselors; $200 for Adult Advisors. Money is refunded if your candidate(s) are not selected. 

  3. Schedule a presentation on RYLA for a Club meeting
    Contactme to schedule a presentation. 
Barbara Harrison
District 5500 RYLA Chair
District Youth Service Webinar
 August 10TH LIVE at 10:00 am (30 minutes)
  • Get the latest updates on Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)
  • Learn about the RYE process in District 5500
  • Meet the New RYE District Chair
  • Get all your questions answered
Save the Date: Rotary Youth Exchange Seminar
August 10, 2019, 4 PM - 5 PM MST
Learn how your club can participate in D5500's Rotary Youth Exchange Program. There are many roles volunteers play to bring this important program to our District. Join us to see how your club can actively contribute.
Contact Aimee Graves at 520-971-7247 or for more information.
Tucson Kino Rotary Park Cleanup
Tucson Kino Rotary and the Tucson High School wrestling team, led by Coach Kory Deberry, cleaned Rudy Garcia Park in Tucson. Nine students helped club members complete the third cleanup of the park this year. New Tucson Kino Rotary member, Bernadette Alvarado, helped coordinate and secure the help of the team.
Old Pueblo Rotary Club creates “Third Space” at Flowing Wells High School
Old Pueblo Rotary’s 2018/2019 Rotary District Grant has created Cab’s Third Space to provide Flowing Wells High School students with access to food, clothing, laundry and socialization.
The space now has new kitchen cabinetry and counter tops, 3 refrigerators, 2 stoves & stove hoods, 2 microwaves a dishwasher and new paint for a fresh new look. 
The project was completed in cooperation with the Flowing Wells School District for plumbing and electrical enhancements to the space. 
The construction phase of the project has been completed and the cupboards
have been stocked with new dishes, pots, pans, to-go disposable food containers and laundry supplies in preparation for school start up. The Club has also budgeted $2000 to pay for the initial stocking of food for Third Space in August 2019 and has committed to continue supporting the project.
Total value of this project totaled over $34,000.

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