Who Can Attend RYLA and The Cost


Who Attends RYLA and What is the Cost?

High School students who attend RYLA are known as Delegates.  There are typically 96 Delegates.  Former Delegates who attend in a leadership role are known as Junior Counselors.  There are typically 12 Junior Counselors.

The cost for each Delegate and Junior Counselor is $400.  This cost is covered by the sponsoring Rotary clubs.  To reserve a Delegate spot, clubs are asked to submit their non-refundable payment to Rotary District 5500 RYLA. 

Payments made in advance to secure a Junior Counselor spot are refundable. 

Rotarians or Rotaractors who attend in a leadership position are known as Adult Advisors.  There are typically 12 Adult Advisors.  The cost to attend as an Adult Advisor is $200 and is typically paid by the local Rotary Club.


Barbara Harrison
RC of Oro Valley