Paul Harris Society (PHS)

Committing To Commit

By Roz Cooper, Zone 26 Paul Harris Society Coordinator
I’ve often wondered why it takes a while to make a commitment – especially when it’s for such obviously good, worthy cause. We make the commitment to commit our time to becoming Rotarians.  We make the commitment to attend our meetings and participate in our club service projects. We make the commitment to serve in the leadership of the club. We make the commitment to attend assemblies, District Conferences, and even International Conventions in areas all over the world. We even make the commitment to participate in our Districts and in our Zones. 
However, we begin to flounder a bit when it comes to the support of The Rotary Foundation. Yes….we do commit ourselves in supporting the Rotary Foundation and we even become Paul Harris Fellows. Some of us think that we need only give that initial $1,000 to become a Paul Harris Fellow and that’s it. But we need to make the commitment to keep on giving. If everyone gave only $1,000, no way would we be able to put as many smiles on the faces of so many people in so many areas around the world.
 We sort of shy away when it comes to making that $1,000 commitment annually to the Paul Harris Society. Some of us make the commitment for one year…. but we fail to commit for every year. I’ve heard it said that we “tend to forget.” Herein is our biggest dilemma. We are busy doing so many things in our lives that we do “tend to forget” to make that contribution. Why not the commitment to commit to Rotary Direct?
Actually this is the simplest solution. Rotary Direct takes all of the thinking out of the process. The Rotary Foundation will do that for us. Whether its $85 each month; $250 quarterly; $1,000 annually to become Paul Harris Society members; or it can be any amount monthly, quarterly or annually to support The Rotary Foundation – any amount.
We need only think about it for a moment.   We’ve made the commitment to eradicate polio from the world and that’s huge: and, we are doing it. So we really need to make the commitment to be more direct in our commitment to support The Rotary Foundation – “The Commitment to Commit.”
So let’s think about how we are changing the world with our support and commitment of doing good in the world...”doing good – made easy”!