Club Presidents:
      Following are steps you can follow to help prepare your club members to participate in virtual meetings such as Zoom:
  1. If it works for your club, appoint a Virtual Meeting Coordinator to schedule and run all Zoom meetings;
  2. Install Zoom on your PC or mobile device.  Review the tutorials to learn how to schedule and run a meeting;   
  3. Set up a practice virtual meeting with 2 or 3 Board members to establish a clear set of steps that everyone must follow to ensure a smooth meeting;
  4. Set up a club meeting using Zoom.
Step 1:  Watch Zoom video tutorials and follow the instructions.   Watch by clicking  HERE
  • You can either download the app in advance of joining a meeting.  Otherwise you will be    prompted to download and install Zoom when you receive an email asking you to join a meeting;
  • When a meeting has been scheduled, the host will email an invitation to all participants.  The email will include a link to view the meeting on a PC or mobile device;
  • Each meeting is automatically assigned a unique Meeting ID that will be required to join a Zoom meeting.  You will receive the ID in the email asking you to join a meeting.  Enter the ID when prompted when you log in;
  • Each meeting will also allow participants to join via their PC or mobile device audio OR by telephone; do not use both.  If you prefer to call in and not use your PC or mobile audio, call 1-669-900-6833 and use the Meeting ID to join the meeting;
  • When you’re ready to join a meeting, simply log in to the link provided in the email you received from the host.  If you don’t have access to a PC or mobile device, you can call in to participate in the meeting.
Step 2:  Follow ZOOM etiquette
  • You can click on Audio so everyone can hear you; mute yourself when not speaking;
  • You can click on your video/camera so everyone can see you. Otherwise, you don’t need to use the camera;
  • Attend from a quiet room and don’t get distracted; focus on the meeting and don’t be
    walking around, getting up and down, etc.;
  • Speak only when prompted by the host or presenter.  You can use “Chat” to type in your questions or comments.