Zoom Is Available
Zoom is alive and working for our District. 10 Rotary Members have been designated as Zoom Administrators, two for each area.
When asking to set up a Zoom Meeting, you will need the date, the time, and the duration of the club meeting or board meeting. If the meeting is reoccurring each week, or twice monthly, be sure to mention this to your Zoom Administrator. For added security 
  • The club president should share the meeting information with only their club members unless they really want to invite others. 
  • Every meeting WILL use a password.
  • Club Presidents must NOT post the login information on their FB page or Website. They should send this information via email to whomever they want to attend. Sharing this information is wrong unless the host is aware of who is being invited
Please contact Diane Ventura-Goodyear if you experience any problems with Zoom or you need help setting it up.